Jeeva Somasundaram

Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences (Operations & Technology area)

IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

About me

I am an Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences at IE Business School, Madrid, Spain. I did my PhD in Management (Decision Sciences) at INSEAD, France. During my PhD, I was also a Marie-Curie early stage researcher with the CONCORT ITN from August 2012-15. After my PhD, I was a research fellow in Behavioral Economics at the National University of Singapore.I was also affiliated to Future Resilient Systems (ETH Zurich). My PhD dissertation focussed on decision models of anticipatory emotions. You can find a manuscript of my dissertation here. My research primarily focuses on decision theory and behavioral economics. Specifically I work on topics such as Habit formation, Anticipation (incl. regret and disappointment), Risk and time preferences. I study these topics theoretically as well as experimentally in domains such as digital addiction, energy conservation, testing and vaccination decisions. Find out more about my Research or explore my CV. You can find my google scholar page here.